September 19, 2009

Bento Box! It's so smart!

Bento box is a Japanese lunch box.
I sometimes cook for Mr.and Mrs. P. in bento style.
Mrs. P. loves this bento box.
was given to me by my mother-in-law about twenty years ago! However, it looks like almost new because we didn't go on picnics very often. I completely forgot I even had it until I started to cook "bento" for them just three months ago.
It serves two persons, has two containers, two plates and two forks. You can stack up these containers when you have your food in them, and can fit one inside the other when they are empty. You can also carry it with its clever belt in both instances. How smart!
One day, I cooked Stuffed Tomatoes for them, but the tomatoes were a bit too tall to put into the bento box. So I chose other ordinary containers.
When she saw the containers, she said,
"Where is my bento? I miss my bento box!"
The bento box finally won recognition!!